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Upcoming Class

(Get your Syllabus HERE…click on link-     Syllabus- April 2017  )

For those who want to sign up for our upcoming class on June 3, 2017- go to the Home page and enter your information so that you become a part of our network.  Then come back to this page and follow the directions.

Price of the course is $399 by check or money order.  For those using my Pay Pal, your total is $410 as there is a surcharge. 

  • To pay by check-

send check to:     

Cheryl Ann De Pace

1809 Woodside Avenue,

Halethorpe, MD  21227

(Make payable to Contract Connections Administration Services, LLC)

  • To pay using my Pay Pal-

type the following into your browser:  

Then, simply follow the directions Pay Pal gives you.

Note:  You must pay for your class before you arrive on June 3 as we will not be taking payments that day to best utilize our time together. Be sure to go to the Home page and sign up so you are in my database. The location and time of the class are on the syllabus – so click on the green link at the top of this page. Signing into our network will be a source of networking that is free and very specific to being “Connected” to associates who are interesting in Government contracting!

If you have any questions, please call me at 410-302-6251.

Other Services:

Organizing your Contract Shop – Onsite visit to your contract shop for a consultation to improve organization of the workflow and implementation of useful tools that will make it all easy and stress free.  Includes a full report, tools, and email follow-up.  $80 Hr. and/or $199 for electronic tool set

Stress-Free Contract Review – A service that provides a contract review of any chosen contracts with follow-up consulting on issues or process recommendations. Review of all chosen contracts and completion of the contract brief for electronic use and print out in file.  $80 Hr.

Other various consulting tasks are available upon request.  $80 Hr.

Take a look at this video created by another company that I think is just great!  The citation is below with the URL for their website. Go visit them too! Click on the first link right under the giant green check mark to see the video. Enjoy!


Taken from YouTube.

Published on Mar 5, 2012

7 minute coaching demonstration of a Tech Company business lead working on her personal brand and increasing her confidence to promote herself within the organization using the Coaching Out of the Box® 5/5/5 model.