Make Yourself a Checklist!


Creating Checklists

When it comes to rolling up your sleeves and really doing the work, there are plenty of things to track.  But, there are habits that you can create yielding a tremendous value! Getting snagged by errors can be a difficult learning experience.  I have gone through plenty of those! But, I now have thousands and thousands of iterations invested in a new way I do my work.

I use checklists.

I do not mean a checklist that you make for your daily tasks. Those get tossed when they are used and the work is completed.

I am talking about checklists that serve as templates that guide you through a process, over and over again.  In time, you will learn the process and you will find that you barely need the checklist!  These checklists save time. They organize! They expedite your work. They document progress and keep a record of where you stop.  They allow you to take a break and resume what you were doing if you have interruptions.

It is all very simple but have you tried it? Can you build a nice collection of these types of checklists for the intricate tasks you have?

This is the easiest way that I know to build a checklist:

  1. Figure out each step in what needs to be done,
  2. make it into a refillable list,
  3. and print it out.

(It is important that it is on paper. The point is to use the checklist as a dynamic document, right where the “action” is, without struggling with technology.)

I like making checklists so much that I really came up with some good ones. It can be very creative to make a guide that simplifies my work and makes it enjoyable at that! That is because I can relax and rely on it to keep my mind clear.

That’s all, folks. It is a simple thing and it is easy too.  The important part of what I am speaking of is that you do it. Just do it and see how it enhances your performance. You will be pleasantly surprised; I am sure.  Please get back with me and let me know how it goes for you.

Cheryl Ann De Pace 

Contract Connections Administration Services, LLC


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