Veterans: Look where the money is!



WELCOME VETERANS…Here is the question:


How can I help you if you are just not “there” yet?


The answer is simple: We help you get there.

Are you a veteran who would like to take advantage of the business opportunities that the Federal Government has for you?

I have just provided you with the link to the place you want to go. You will get all the information you need. I am obtaining this information package too and will go over it with you if you want.

This is your opportunity to make a living, doing what you know, making a decent amount of money as a subcontractor or a contractor with the government.

Don’t miss this chance if you want it.

If you are homeless, I know of a home right now in PG County, Maryland that is there for you. If you have PTSD, mental issues of any kind; there are services in this home for you. This is one of the few places there are right now and there are beds. First come, first serve.

Livelihood NGO-USA Inc.

And then you need to use the link above and start the process to become a successful business owner.

In America, right now, the light of favor is shining on you and you may not know it.

Contact me if you have any questions. 410-302-6251.