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So, you’ve received your contract. Congratulations!
Now, how are you going to manage that contract to make sure that it all comes out right in the end?
Minorities, Veterans, and Disadvantaged Small Business Owners
Are you:
• Wondering how to best manage your contract(s)?
• Finding it difficult to interpret the information and the instructions?
• Frustrated by the dilemma of needing help but not being able to hire a Contract Administrator?
• Inundated with the actual work for the contract and putting the administration off?
• Wishing you had someone you could call and comfortably ask questions about it all?

If you find yourself needing this skill set or having little to no time to put into a true monitoring of your contracts, do not feel alone. Most small businesses struggle with time. Worse, they may or may not realize the importance of managing their contracts efficiently. Things catch up with them like losing a good rapport with their Contracting Officer; or leaving money on the table because the contract is expired and the funds were tracked on the accounting side but not on the contract; or even worse, money is owed to the Government because they thought there was more money to spend than there was.

Contact me, and:
• Learn how to keep an effective contract file,
• Obtain effective tools that shorten the time needed to do so,
• Learn exactly what and why you need to do with your contract,
• Use a Contract Administrator, on demand, until you can hire one full time,
• Identify and improve the process you use to open, monitor and control, and then close your contracts and make it easier, less stress.

Contract Connections Administration Services, LLC (CCAS, LLC) is working hard to make sure that you have someone who is there for you. Meander through this website and find some helpful white papers, blog posts and tools to help you with your daily operations.

Win that contract! And exhale in confidence with that contract document. It is the key to your success. Your work will speak for itself but the execution of your documents won’t speak up until something goes wrong.
Care and control of your revenue and your time made easy.

Cheryl Ann DePace

Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area

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