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I recently went into a consulting job on a W2 under the title of Temp. I could not believe how the old memories flooded in when I was an employee being micromanaged. I did not mind it very much because that was the way things were and everyone followed orders. But, I did not realize what a nice change I had experienced.  I started consulting. It was great to be paid for what I know and to be treated as the expert that I am.  But I realized something more important than that as time went on.

It’s the “50 something” group who is out there teaching companies how to manage the inexperience of their millennials. We come in for as long as we are needed and the missing experience is no longer missing. Things take a turn for the better. The heat is off. The learning curve is smaller. The managers get more comfortable and when it is all said and done, the consultant leaves stronger and more experienced than ever.

Baby boomers are filling in the missing pieces. And it is exciting. The other day, someone mentioned that I am a “fix it type person”. I found that to be interesting as I am exactly that and that is why I love to consult.

If there is age discrimination in the work place it may lay few and far between the average company. The reason? The experience is moving around from one place to another pollinating the garden that we grow everyone’s livelihood.  The younger college grads are academically inclined and they are getting hands on experience they would have had to cultivate themselves. That is tough, remember?

So, here we are. There is a market that is growing by leaps and bounds. We are the consultants who are breathing life into the offices that are growing but not quite there yet.  The more of us that are layed off, the more experience is coming in from the outside and bringing with us “the way things really work”.

Are you ready to work in an exciting field that builds your knowledge even more than ever? Are you ready to teach and roll up your sleeves to give the market a boost? All you have to do is start a company, work on a 1099, pay your estimated taxes, and buy your health insurance.  Price accordingly.

Then go out and meet the contractors and offer your assistance. It is very much in demand.

Cheryl Ann DePace

Contract Connections Administration Services, LLC      410-302-6251