More Acronyms-List

Okay, here is a list of acronyms for you. I also want to recommend that you Google acronyms to find out what they mean. Use your discretion though. You could find a new one!

We live in a world of words that are not words but are very important. Getting an acronym incorrect can truly thwart your process because interpretation becomes a real issue. Imagine that you meant to write an acronym that is a location and put one down that was an engineering process. This could be a problem.

Click on the link and you will be able to print out the list I typed for you. Memorizing some of them is a good idea. I recommend that you try your hand at the puzzle for the first section. Let me know if you remember them after that!

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Cheryl Ann DePace

Director of Operations

Contract Connections Administration Services, LLC (CCAC)