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 I have a love of conducting business and providing professional services. I am here ready to serve you with expertise and to help you with the tools I created to help along the way. These tools are hands-on no guesswork tools that have the capability to take anyone a long way in Contract Administration. I succeeded with them and you can too.

For a moment, try to imagine what would happen if you did not manage your contracts. Imagine that you focused on winning proposals and let the contracts go unattended. Please consider how easy it can be to lose track of the money and then owe the Government money. What happens when you owe the Government money? You can be disbarred or even go to Federal prison!

Organization, good tools, and vigilance in following the regulations for your contracts, is of the utmost priority in this business. I have the attributes to assist you in avoiding the penalties and unexpected pitfalls of mismanaged contracts, uneducated or unprepared subcontractors. We all go through a learning curve with this. I make that learning easier and the curve much smaller. My price is reasonable and your cost is much too high if things go awry.

Importantly: I love what I do and I am always looking to help others in this industry. Consulting is a great way to make money, help people, and live a balanced life.

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